Massage Therapy near Jay Peak, VT

Trained and certified in Tamil Nadu, India, Joelle Khan offers the only Ayurvedic massage in northern Vermont at Healing Hands Ayurvedic Massage, Montgomery Center, Vermont, close to Jay Peak.

Within Ayurveda, Joelle specializes in Abhyanga massage which is a full body massage with warm oil. It is designed to bring the subtle energies of the body into balance through the use of customized oil blends and touch techniques. It is both deeply revitalizing and relaxing whilst at the same time being gently cleansing and detoxifying. Ayuvedic massage uses liberal amounts of oils and you are invited to have a shower following your spa treatment.

It is a ritualistic massage in keeping with the 5000 year old ancient tradition of Ayurveda and holistic healing. During the massage, “marmas” or energy points are used to freshen and revitalize the body leaving you to feel light, energized and relaxed as you experience this traditional Indian healing massage therapy.

Each Ayurvedic massage is customized to meet the needs of your doshas. The doshas are the inherent intelligence within our body-mind system that is responsible for all physiological and psychological processes. There are three doshas and prior to the start of the massage, you will be asked to complete a short form to assist with determining your dominant dosha. Your dosha is unique and personal to you, just like your fingerprint.

Massage Session: 60 minutes
Cost: $65
Hours of operation: By appointment only – 7 days per week.

So come and enjoy an authentic, traditional Indian massage in the foothills of Jay Peak, Vermont. To book your session please contact:

Healing Hands Ayurvedic Massage
Coach House #102
46 Main Street
Montgomery Center, Vermont

Enjoy an ayurvedic massage in Montgomery Center, VT, only minutes from Jay Peak Resort

Healing Hands Ayurvedic Massage offers authentic Indian massage at our northern Vermont location

Within Ayurveda, we specialize in Abhyanga massage which is a full body massage with warm oil

We are located 8 miles from Jay Peak Resort in Montgomery Center, VT