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Massage therapy at Jay Peak massage day spa

Therapeutic Massage

Here at The Vermont Salt Cave Spa in the foothills of Jay Peak,Vermont, we are committed to helping you get to your optimal heath. We offer a variety of massage modalities.  Our massage therapists are passionate about their abilities to exceed your massage expectations with their healing hands.  All products used are organic and hand crafted in Vermont so you are assured of their purity and quality.

Prices are stated below but do not include tipping as desired for your therapist.

Signature Massage

Our talented and gifted therapists have incorporated their individual techniques in order to provide exactly what you need to  improve circulation and diminish stress.  

60 Minutes – $85

90 Minutes – $125

Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage employs a deeper pressure than a Swedish massage and is ideal for targeting specific areas of tension, relieving chronic pain and increasing range of motion. Perfect for working out stubborn knots or after a hard day of skiing or snowboarding at Jay Peak Resort.

60 Minutes – $85

90 Minutes – $125

Hot Salt Stone

The Vermont Salt Cave's Signature Hot Salt Stone Massage uses heated Himalayan salt stones along with traditional basalt massage stones to relax tense and sore muscles. 

90 Minutes - $130

CBD Massage

For those with serious pain or chronic conditions, nothing beats a topical application of Vermont's own organic CBD Massage Oil.  Available in either unscented or Deep Muscle Blend, this massage oil by Nature's Sentry of Vermont is 25mg of pure relief expertly applied to ensure that you get the maximum topical benefit of this organic CBD within your Vermont CBD massage.

60 Minutes - $85 plus $10 for spot CBD treatment

90 Minutes - $125 plus $10 for spot CBD treatment

You can take the remaining CBD home with you for an add-on price of $30.


Focusing on applying pressure to the specific nerve zones in your feet, reflexology aims to harmonize your entire body. According to reflexology, every part of the human body is mapped onto your feet.  Each reflexology treatment includes a salt foot scrub at the start of every foot

reflexology session.


40 Minutes - $65

Thai Massage

Energizing and more rigorous than most other forms of massage, Thai Massage uses the therapist's hands, knees, legs, and feet to move the client into a series of yoga-like postures and stretches.  You are fully dressed during the session. Thai massage helps to release stress and relieve pain.

90 Minutes - $130

Couples Massage

Loosen up with a partner, friend, or relative and enjoy a massage in the same room at the same time with two highly trained and skilled Vermont massage therapists utilizing either Swedish or Deep Tissue Styles to meet your requirements.

60 Minutes - $170

90 Minutes  - $255

Cranial sacral massage

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) -  is a gentle hands-on method used to evaluate and enhance the function of the craniosacral system.  The craniosacral system consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.  Using a very soft and light touch, this method releases restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the function of the central nervous system.  It is effective in helping to reduce headaches, chronic neck and back pain, orthopedic problems, chronic fatigue, emotional difficulties, stress,

60 Minutes - $85

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